You may not believe this but we are geeks who can easily communicate with people, using clear language - you should check yourself!
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Are you looking for support in web technologies, willing to develop your project or simply out of resources in your IT department?
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Our headquarters is placed in the Warsaw's city center... however we are happy to develop the most intresting projcects in any place of the world - we work for vision, not for money.
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Excperience comes with age and every line of source code written... we are 30+ and created hundreds of thousands code lines.
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I'm the hardworking one...
...and I'm
the geek :)

About us

Nasz zespół skupia kilku programistów z kluczowymi kompetencjami do realizacji projektów IT: backend developerzy (java, php, Symfony, Zend Framework 2, PostgreSQL, MySql) oraz frontend developerzy (html5, javascript, css3).

Paweł Maciszewski Zwiń ↑

Programmer and IT team leader, 8 years of experience in creating and developing web applications. He gained his experience working for FADN, UseLab Consuling Group, BrainJuice interactive agency and Venture Capital funds.

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Tomek Kobyliński Zwiń ↑

Born to be programmer. 10 years of experience in Linux based server administration. Eats PHP code wrapped with Zend framework for breakfast. Reads MySQL database procedures as bedtime stories. Still looking for IT challenge that could overwhelm him. No luck so far...

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If you need more complex service, we are cooperating with professionals that deal with:

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What we do

It may sound fussy - but we can aford it - we work on projects that contribute to our proffesional life and are truly interesting to us.

Technologies cloud that we are floating on
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    We are programming backend and frontend of internet services

    We have key knowledge and experience in implementing web sites, network services, intranet services, SaaS services or complex web forms.

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    IT support and maintanace

    Each IT project has it's beggining and end. It's result - a Product - is like a child that you need to take care of, raise and train. We take good care of our children.

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    Start-up development

    We are technical background for fresh business ideas. We act as an accelerator in the investor's capital into the product transformation process.

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    Tender and EU programmes consulting

    For part of our clients we generate "smart stuff" for tenders, EU applications and programmes.

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    We develop CMS, LMS, E-commerce systems

    We implement systems based on CMS (SilverStripe, Drupal, Joomla i inne), e-learning tools and, if you really need it, online shopping.

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    Facebook applications

    While working for interactive agencies we had an opportunity to develop one FB application after another, nearly as a mass production. Thus. we have reached Ninja level of experience... and like each Ninja we prefer not to be forced to use our skills :)

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    We develop frontend and we are doing it right :)

    Despite appearances it's a rare skill. Our team member is blessed with this gift. Anyone can be a frontend developer, few can do it in accordance with standarts and - what is most important - fast and in a way that proggramers expect. Saving money on this stage can have bad impact on the quality of the product in use.

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We prepare documentation even for the smallest projects
SCRUM method is our favourite
We understand clients who - let's not be affraid to say this - are a bit tedious
If something doesn't work due to our faulty source code we will fix it for free

How we cooperate

We are working for you like your own IT team. We are open to any form and range of cooperation. We can settle based on working hours, accomplished projects or even "success fee".

We meet with you.
At your place, in our office or Skype.

We prepare an offer and initial documentation.

You accept our offer (you won't find any better :).

We determine the schedule together and begin implementation.

You reccoment us to others beacouse we are awesome :)

We gave you finished product together with source code guarantee and technical support

We carry out tests, some other test and even more tests... and implement changes so that the product meets your expectations.

We cooperate with you, designers and graphics All the time.

Contact us!

ul. Leopolda Staffa 105B
01-884 Warsaw Poland
TAX ID: 524-228-78-35

+48 660 77 88 59

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